What Is CBT Like?

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is different depending on the therapist’s style and what you’re working on, but there are some common things to expect as a client.

Beginning Therapy

  • Talk about why you’d like to start therapy
  • Figure out what has led up to your current situation, problem or concern
  • Tell the therapist what you hope to get out of therapy
  • Focus on what can be done now to address the concern or problem

During Therapy

  • Learn more about your situation, problem or concerns (example: anxiety, depression)
  • Learn how CBT can address the problem
  • Learn new strategies and skills
  • Be listened to, supported, and validated
  • Be challenged to expand your comfort zone and view situations in new ways
  • Practice strategies and skills in sessions and between sessions, and keep track of progress, changes and struggles

Ending Therapy

  • Reflect on the therapy process and what you’ve learned
  • Make a plan for how to handle stressful, difficult situations in the future
  • Plan how to manage relapses (going back to old ways of thinking/acting/coping) and get back on track
  • Some clients occasionally check in with their therapists, or come back to review skills they’ve learned