How do I book an appointment?

  • Go to Online Booking
  • Click on the type of session you want from the left side of the page (example: Free 15 Minute Phone Consult, or 50 Minute Virtual Session)
  • The available time slots will show on a calendar in the middle of the page
  • Click on a time slot and book the appointment.

I recommend starting with a free 15-minute phone consult so we can talk about what you're looking for and if I'd be a good match.

How do I access the virtual sessions?

I use Jane, a secure clinic management platform. Jane recommends using Chrome as the browser if you use a computer to join.

OR download the Jane Online Appointments app for your phone/tablet.

Either way, click on "Begin Your Online Appointment" in the appointment reminder email you receive before your session. If you're using a phone/tablet, once you click on the Begin link, the Jane Online Appointments app will ask permission to open.

Here is a Jane tutorial that shows how to join one-to-one virtual therapy sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

Together, we'll come up with a therapy plan to suit your individual needs, but in general, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is short-term so that clients aren’t in therapy for a long time. Depending on what we work on, it could take 1-20 weekly sessions.

What is measurement-based care and why do you do it?

Clients are asked to fill out short questionnaires about symptoms so we both have a better idea of what the issues are and how severe they are. The results help us figure out the best therapy plan. The client can see their own results and we can both monitor how the therapy is going. 

Overall, measurement-based care helps clients and therapists see how therapy is going.

To find out more about measurement-based care and the platform I use to send questionnaires, please visit Greenspace.

Why is your practice called Building Momentum?

I was inspired by the idea that when we feel stuck, we can start making progress even with the first few small steps. Those small steps give us the momentum to keep moving forward.

How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?

Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, it will be different depending on the individual. We will come up with a therapy plan together, tailored to your specific needs. However, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy includes looking at problems and symptoms from the view that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected in some sort of cycle that we can work on changing.

I want to get the most out of therapy. What can I do to help?

I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Your active participation and dedication will be crucial to your success. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy involves practicing new skills in session together and between sessions, so that you can test them out in your real-life situations.